Thursday, January 15, 2015


A dissertation contents table is very important for your dissertation if you want your dissertation to give a perception of command and management to the readers. Given below are some guidelines to inject all that in your dissertation.

First thing, you have to understand the importance of dissertation contents table. It’s important in the sense that it make your dissertation an open book for the person who wants to reads it.

Next in your dissertation contents table you have to see the faultless alignment of everything your dissertation table of contents i.e. chapters, sections and sub-sections: the reference list: bibliography: abbreviation list: and the appendices. The tables list and illustrations ought to follow the table of contents and are supposed to list all of these: tables, photographs, photocopies, Xerox copies and diagrams in the order of form.

Always maintain you r dissertation contents table whenever you are done writing for the day. Don’t wait to write your dissertation content page until the end of your dissertation.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


You have to take the lead in the start and maintain that lead by the end to win a race. So the end is important. Dissertation conclusion chapter is the end of a dissertation. Before writing you would like to know the constituents of a dissertation conclusion and what exactly you need to write in your dissertation conclusion.

Don’t worry every other student wants to know how to write a dissertation conclusion. These are a few basic things you should know

• Never miss a thing from your dissertation in your conclusion. Talk about everything.
• Tell the readers how important your work is and how it can help.
• Always answer all the questions you mentioned in the introduction and the questions at the back of readers’ mind.
• Make the reader imagine the future in regards to your research.
• Stay away from plagiarism and mention the details of the scholars who you have referred in your dissertation.

Keep the above mentioned things in your mind before writing dissertation conclusion.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


A dissertation discussion chapter! What for?? Writing a dissertation discussion chapter. How would I discuss something in writing?? These question pop into your mind whenever someone asks you to write a dissertation discussions chapter in your dissertation. Well here are the answers to all such questions of yours and also the reasons why you need a dissertation discussions chapter in your dissertation.

In order to provide the readers with the comparative analysis between your information and the reference information which you have used you need how to write a dissertation discussion. You can also present your key findings and provide details about them. You can also offer suggestions about the future research possibilities.

The basic aim of a dissertation discussion chapter is to freely roam around the topic and explore all the problems and solutions. It doesn't matter what kind of research you have conducted. Be it qualitative or quantitative you are always supposed to write dissertation discussions.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Imagine watching a TV serial for the first time, you like an actor and you want to know who he is. You wait till the end to see the credits to find out his name. What if there are no credits? You will be disappointed. Isn’t that right?

In the same way your reader will can be disappointed if you don’t add the bibliography part in your dissertation. Now you understand the importance of bibliography. Would you like to know how to write a bibliography?

These key factors will tell you how to write a bibliography.

• For different kind of resources there is a different reporting format. Acknowledge and apply these formats.
• Keep updating your reference record along with the research.
• Don’t ignore the basics writing rules.
• Give out all the authors’ names.
• Use mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy formats. Abbreviate the months.
• Give out all the page numbers for your references.
• Always mention the certified titles.
• The city of publication should be mentioned but country names are contraindicated.
• Abbreviate the names of the publisher.

Learning how to write annotated bibliography will always come handy because it’s necessary that you know how to write a bibliography.

Monday, January 5, 2015

How to find the best management dissertation topic

Many people are feared of dissertations. Many of them have interest in the subject of management and they want to write about it but they don’t. The reason that lies in the background is that they don’t know which area of business management dissertation topics they should write about.

To get rid of this fear all you need to do is to follow these rules and instantly, a topic will hit your mind and you will start writing on it.

Search for the articles related to management dissertations topics on the internet and read them cautiously. After going through them think about the entire management dissertation topics you just viewed. The first topic that comes to your mind will be your call to the right path!

Don’t forget to note down important pointers while surfing on the web they will also help you out in finding a good management dissertation topic.

Discuss the topic with your advisor and raise all of the questions that bother your mind. Your advisor can play a very significant role in the process of your dissertation.

Thus, selecting an area wisely among management dissertations topics will not only lead you to achieve a good grade, but it will fulfill all the needs of the proposal as well.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

5 great ways to get your dissertation proposal accepted

 dissertation is of utmost importance as it opens the doorway to the degree, but before writing the dissertation, a student needs to write a dissertation research proposal. A dissertation proposal research is a simple document consisting of an introduction and a short summary of the possible methods that are to be conducted in one’s dissertation.

There are many chance of one’s dissertation proposal being rejected by the committee. Thus, to make it easier for the students to come up with a good dissertation research proposal that won’t be discarded, we have decided to single out 5 effective ways to write your dissertation proposal:

Step # 1: Make your topic as specific as possible:

You have to make sure your selected topic is very specific and to the point. This will help you to limit your research work, but make sure it is pertinent to your work and field.

Step: 2: Make your concepts clear about the thesis statement:

Thesis statement is something which provides a glimpse of what a reader should expect from the dissertation, so be very clear about it. For this purpose, write down at least 10 thesis statements and then select the best one you think.

Step# 3: Follow your school dissertation guideline:

Most of the schools have a set of guideline which they want a student to follow. This will help you structure your dissertation proposal after you are completed with your thesis statement. For this, consult your instructor and he will tell you what should be included in your dissertation proposal.

Step # 4: Start writing your dissertation proposal:

Now that you are completed with the above steps, start writing your dissertation proposal. If you are clear in what you want to say, you will be able to go through this, don’t worry.

Step # 5: Focus on your dissertation proposal more and more:

A well-written dissertation proposal leads towards the dissertation writing process, so make sure your research proposal is done in an effective manner.

Writing A Good Dissertation – Things To Remember

If you are doing your doctorate then you must have to write the dissertation in order to get your degree in your hands. This task can be quite daunting to you as it requires a lot of mental effort and it consumes too much time as well. Most of the students consult the internet to find out the answers to their dissertation questions in writing a good dissertation and this is the sole reason why we will be providing you with six things your should remember while writing the dissertation.

1. Try to follow the standard writing format:

While writing a good dissertation, you should keep in mind the standard writing format of dissertation, this should be either provided you by your college or university. If not, then you should ask your advisor to guide you with this problem.

2. Try to meet all the rules of citation:

Just like writing a good dissertation requires a proper format, citing resources in the dissertation also requires a standard format. This must also be provided by your college or university and if you have any confusions regarding this, consult your advisor to get your answers.

3. Decide the methodology to be incorporated:

There is always a methodology that is used to solve the dissertation puzzle; you have to decide which methodology would be suitable here. It is decided on the nature of the dissertation. These methodologies are known as the methods of investigation. Some of them are, qualitative, quantitative and compare and contrast methods of investigation.

4. Ask you advisor for further questions:

You should remember that you have an advisor to answer your questions; he will help you to solve your dissertation puzzle in no time. So, it is better to ask your instructor rather than asking here and there.

5. Make note of important details:

While going through all the materials, you should make note of the important facts and figures so that you may save your time a lot while writing the dissertation.

6. Don’t forget to edit your dissertation:

This is the most important thing that you should not forget, to just finish writing the dissertation is not enough. You have to read your dissertation again and again in order to make sure there is no error left in 

Friday, January 2, 2015

How To Write A Better Literature Review

A literature review basically aims at analyzing the critical knowledge or the methodical approaches on a particular topic. Students find literature review very difficult to write as it includes vast research work and critical thinking. Sometimes you just begin writing your literature review after looking at the examples but this doesn't help a lot as it need a bunch of information. That is why I have compiled here all the key points to write a better literature review example in just 2 days.

Day 1:

Step # 1:

Jot down all the points that will be included in your literature review and organize them systematically, it will help a lot in coming up with your literature review at the end. Also add some details in your points that you have outlined. This will provide you a clear idea of what to write and will help you to focus on your topic.

Step # 2:

Your literature review will be started with a thesis statement that will be followed by your introductory paragraph. Then come the body of your review which will be systematically organized into several paragraphs and lastly comes your conclusion. You literature review will consist of all the information you carried out in the research work, which will be followed by your critical analysis and comments which will give a glimpse of your point of view.

Day 2:
Step # 1

It’s time to critically analyze the literature you have found. The analysis should also consist of the sources to signify the weaknesses and strengths and to identify which sources have provided the valuable contribution to your field. Evaluate your work altogether to reveal which information is pertinent to your thesis. Now, you can divide your literature into various categories.

How to Survive Dissertation Research And Writing

To begin with recognize that composing the dissertation is really a complicated and difficult task therefore, address it appropriately. Your profession depends upon carrying out a great dissertation, as well as, most of all, finishing it.
To be able to provide yourself the very best possibility of completing your dissertation, allow it to be the very best concern in your life. Place other areas in your life on the back seat as you possibly can and try to minimize your involvement in other activities before you finished your dissertation.
Bear in mind that you are the actual professional 
Make sure to deal with yourself. Do physical exercise and sufficient rest. The dissertation does not get better when somebody who is ill or even sleep-deprived compiles it.
Keep in mind that you are the actual professional. You had been the main person to do the actual tests and the study, which you will come up with in your dissertation. Therefore, you don't have to be stressed. Simply believe that you are going to clarify everything.
Understand the fundamental framework of the dissertation
In majority of dissertations, specialized or else, adhere to an identical framework , in which you provide first-hand investigation, that specialized dissertations tend to be:
a) Introduction
With this area, you offer a summary of your whole dissertation and it is objectives.
b) Theoretical history
Within this area, you tend to provide a summary within the primary investigation upon the main topic of your own dissertation as well as clarifies exactly how your own dissertation investigation applies everybody else's investigation. This really is additionally the area to describe that which you be prepared to discover inside your investigation, we. at the., your quest theory.
c) Your tests and additional investigation
With this area, you explain the study a person do as well as just how you have made it happen -- within clear fine detail.
d) Your outcomes
Right here you explain exactly what your own outcomes had been, and supply images as well as graphs or tables whatever are required.
e) What everything indicates
Here, you explain exactly how your own outcomes connect with your own theory along with other individual’s investigation, as well as talk about the actual implications associated with that which you discovered
f) Conclusion 
This is exactly where you present the summary of your whole dissertation as well as give recommendations for additional investigation that if you have not carried out in the earlier section.
g) Write it all down
When you realize the fundamental framework of the dissertation, the particular composing associated with it will likely be much less daunting. Given that, you have carried out all of your investigation that was truly the toughest component, your own job now's "simply" to write everything down.
Begin by explaining your own test. These types virtually create on their own writing content, after you have finished all of it, you will have the majority of your dissertation created.
Read the above article and lower your stress levels considerably, find answer to all your dissertation research question and complete your dissertation without being be troubled.