Monday, June 2, 2014


Engineering dissertations topic selection is not as difficult as it seems. Reason being, it has a vast variety of arenas from which you can select one for your own engineering dissertation. Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Computer science engineering and Environment engineering are some of them.

In order to select a good engineering dissertation you have go through some research, which can be done by internet or books. Here I am mentioning some of the engineering dissertations topics. You can select one for your dissertation;

Civil Engineering:

1. Development of sustainable homes with the help of renewable energy generators.
2. Research to evaluate the impact of sustainability on processes within an organization.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering deals with the design & construction of machinery.

Electrical Engineering:

1. Development of a system to study the motors efficiency and reduce kWh usage
2. Research to study transformer losses and to reduce energy loss.

Computer Science Engineering:

1. How can learning organizations influence the development of information systems?

2. Information systems definitely assist in maintaining information, but how can these systems ensure that they are maintained sustainable?

I hope this information was enough for you to accomplish your engineering dissertations requirements.

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