Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Health Dissertations can’t make you Nuts Anymore!

Definitely, health dissertations require some time to look authentic. There are certain traits that can make your health dissertations totally out of the box. They are discussed below:

1. Mutual Relation between health and safety: Health and safety plays a major role to any health and safety dissertation as health and safety are closely related to each other. Evidence regarding this statement is simple; a healthy person is more protected from environmental hazards. That’s why nations have developed health and safety rules, policies and laws i.e. beneficial for everyone.

2. Psychology- A Mind Reader: Health psychology dissertation can clarify the role of psychology. Through psychology, psychologist demonstrates the negative thinking among people. Psychology defines that people become nervous and adopt alcoholic drugs when they pressurize their minds.

3. Role of Public Health Organizations: Public health dissertations must elaborate the role of public health organizations. Public health organizations start campaigns to provide relevant information related to a particular disease and advise their people to adopt safety steps against it.Associations concerned with the public safety inform people through surveys, campaigns or advertisements, the symptoms regarding viral diseases. They advised their public to take antidotes against such diseases in time; otherwise the disease will spread more.

4. Mental fitness: It is better to describe the ways of being mentally fit in mental health psychology dissertation. Natural activities such as running, reading, cycling and optimist thinking keep an individual’s mind mentally healthy. Realistic and optimistic thinking is the finest way to be fit mentally.

Preceding key elements would surely make your health dissertations original.

Monday, May 5, 2014


dissertation plan

Initially choose the topic. Decide what you are good at. Prefer something you have at least some knowledge about so that you recognize what you are writing.

Do not pick randomly topics. If you are unconfident about a topic ask your friends or parents or your gardener. Ask some one who is close to you so that they may help you all the way.

After choosing your dissertation, do some study? Collect loads of information about your research topic. After you have done all this you will come to


You will describe here what your dissertation is all about. Dissertation planning begin from here.

You must identify your objectives. Then support your objectives with concrete to the point literature. get all your material from the internet and research journals and mould them into your own words.

You should have back up your objective with your literature prove it with a hypothesis and surveys. When all this is done make a conclusion that is going to knock a punch.

Sum up of planning dissertation

• Choose a topic you think you are excellent on it.
• Take action. Do some systematic research.
• Filter the research.
• Observe if the research you have filtered is relevant to your study.
• adjust it to make sure.
• Write one hell of a compelling conclusion and recommendations.

Sunday, May 4, 2014



This only purpose of me writing this article is to help you attain maximum level of confidence and familiarity for your performance management dissertation. Consider this article to be your guide for your performance management dissertation as it contains all the information you may require to reinforce your foundation concerning the subject “performance management” eliminate any doubts you have concerning its dissertation.


The technique in which some one or something functions for example The Lord said the performance of the police department has left a lot to be desired or the performance of this car is very good.

Performance management

Performance management assists organizations to achieve their strategic goals. Performance management is every part of about exploring organizational effectiveness. Organization effectiveness is generally referred to when discussion organizations that have achieved greatest performance.

Purpose of performance management

The main purpose of performance management is to connect individual objectives and organizational goals and carry about that individuals follow significant value for enterprise. In addition, performance management tries to build up skills of people to attain their prospective to satisfy their ambitiousness and also enhance profit of a firm.

Benefits of performance management
Benefits of performance management are as follows

1. Financial expand due to increase in sales and exclusion of overpayments.
2. Motivated employees due to different employee friendly performance
3. Enhanced management control
4. Management system such as optimized incentive plans.

Some topic suggestions for performance management dissertation

1. How network performance management can help achieve ______________ company’s business objectives?
2. What are the best performance management policies for a company that deals with customers on a daily basis?
3. What is the most effective way to tackle performance related problems in a __________ company?
4. Is integrated business planning really useful to non IT company?

Structure to build Performance management dissertation

Performance management dissertation structure and section would be same as any other dissertation. It should include your acknowledgement, introduction, problem statement, your proposal, literature review, hypothesis, hypothesis testing, conclusion and bibliography.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Way To Write Thesis And Dissertations By Breaking Your Thesis Dissertations In 3 Parts

Writing thesis dissertations has never been as easy task for the students. Thesis and dissertations demand students to work very hard to come up with the best results. Students need to work with their heart and soul in order to come up with impressive thesis dissertations. Students need to break their proceedings in parts to create impressive dissertations. Here is the way that students need to follow for dissertation by breaking it in three parts:

Part 1:

a) Introduction: Students need to focus on the background of their original research for introduction.

b) Defining Objectives: Students need to define the purpose of their study to proceed further with their dissertation. Here are some objectives that you will usually find in a dissertation:

• To address a specific problem or issue.
• To evaluate causes and effects related to the topic.

c) Scope and Limitations: After defining objectives of dissertation, you should tell your audience about scope and limitations of your topic.

d) Literature Review: Reading articles, books, journals and articles related to your topic will assist you to write a literature review in thesis dissertations.

e) Methodology: You should only adopt the methodology which is suitable to answer your research questions. If qualitative methodology will provide answers to the research questions; then, you should go for a qualitative research; otherwise, quantitative research will be better for you to find answers to the research questions.

Part 2:

a) Data Analysis & Interpretation: In order to perform a data analysis, you need to utilize the statistical tools; doing this will also help you in the interpretation of data.

b) Case Studies: Study cases will also increase the scope of your original research.

c) Hypothesis: Hypothesis is a key element for you to prove or disprove the thesis.

Part 3:

a) Summary and Major Findings: Summarizing your dissertation in a few words will help you to conclude the dissertation topic. Technically, you should also list down the novel findings related to your research in subsection of a summary.

b) Suggestions and Contributions: You should give suggestions to your readers about the subject matter in layman’s language. You should also tell your readers about the contributions made by scholars related to the subject of your study in the past.

c) Future Recommendations: In this section of thesis and dissertations, you should recommend your readers how further improvements in the subject matter can be made.

Students need to cite down the sources for thesis in a bibliography and mention the resources that they have utilized for the dissertation in Appendix. In short, you need to conduct your original research efficiently to come up with effective thesis dissertations.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Simplest Way to Write a Literature Review

Literature reviews are typical to write because they require a thorough study from your side about the literature. In order to ensure the perfection in your literature review papers, you should perform the critical analysis of literature. You should remember that the purpose of your review is to provide the latest information to your readers about literature. You should also keep in mind that writing literature review will further aid you in a research proposal.

Through review of literature, you will be able to provide valuable information to the audience. If you want your literature reviews to be a success; then, you should have command over the following:

1. Information Seeking.
2. Critical Appraisal.

You should ensure to provide an answer to each of the following questions before you begin writing literature review:

1. What am I going to teach the audience through my literature review?
2. What is the scope of literature that I am going to define the audience?
3. How good am I at information seeking?
4. Should I go for qualitative or quantitative research?
5. How should I analyze the literature?
6. Are the readers going to be benefited from my review?

After answering the preceding questions, you should follow the points listed below to review your literature:

• You should go through thesis papers, journals, books and articles thoroughly to find out the literature relevant to your topic on dissertation.

• You should keep reading about the review topics to gather more information about them.

• Reading will aid you to find references to support your standpoint. References will also aid you to prove your findings.

• Check whether the literature that you have searched is up to date or need modification. If it needs changes; then you should modify it by eliminating the flaws.

• Lastly, you should cite down the source once you are finished with your writing literature review.

Following points listed above is one of the simplest ways to handle your literature review papers effectively. In a nutshell, you should answer a few questions to yourself listed above before you begin to write literature review.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Writing A Literature Review In Five Easy Steps

Let us highlight the definition of a literature review before studying in detail how to conduct a literature review; mostly it is done to provide the background information about the researches and the work done by the profound scholars. When it is about scientific research related review than it is used to outline the similar form of research work done and some recommendations to a do a further research work. Whatever the type of the literature review is, no research work is completed without it.

Conducting a literature review:

First, understand what literature a review is all about:
Above told is just a very little definition of literature review, you have to do a thorough research about it. Internet can be the best medium for this. Just type in Literature review and you will get thousands of websites defining it. To make it clearer, I must tell you that a literature review is not a review of any book; rather it is background information about a certain topic.

Determine what type of literature review you will be conducting:

If it is being done on a particular topic than find a topic that is of your interest and start writing a literature review but if you are doing a scientific research paper, than find a particular topic and search for the best literature on it.

Determine the scope of writing a literature review:

Ask yourself, what the scope of your literature review is? A literature review can be done to provide the summary of the background information or the evaluation of the sources on a specific topic and also recommending sources or highlighting the intellectual progression of any field or the amalgamation of the old and new ideas.

Incorporate the text in the literature review:

Gather all the information about the topic you are conducting literature review on but while collecting all the details, make sure the sources you are using are credible and also give high preference to the scholarly sources.

Literature review style:

The style and breadth of the literature review will totally depend on the type of literature review you are conducting, so make yourself very clear about what will you doing for the literature review.

Therefore, the preceding literature review help will be very helpful in properly conducting a research work.