Thursday, January 2, 2014


The better you start the faster you go. That’s the key a 100 meter runner never forgets. Your dissertation also needs a start like that. You need an outstanding dissertations introduction to start your dissertation. A dissertation introduction chapter is as important as any other part of your work.

So don’t ignore your dissertations introduction and pay attention to the following guidelines.

Dissertation introductions should be around 200 words or so or roughly 2 pages or this would not look like an introduction. Remember you have detailed everything in your dissertation.

Don’t mention any irrelevant information in your dissertations introduction or the readers will be looking for their details in your dissertation which of course are nowhere to be found and they will shut you off right away.
There is always going to be a deficiency in your research. You can cover them up by telling your readers the problems you have faced during your research. Tell the readers how important your work is and it can change things.
Follow these guidelines and write an amazing dissertations introduction.

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