Friday, October 4, 2013

Confused about how to choose a perfect Dissertation Topic?

Every long journey starts with a tiny step and so does the journey of writing a 20,000 words dissertation. But in the case of dissertations the step needs to be taken very sensibly and with a lot of care and mindshare.

A topic for writing a dissertation can be of many shapes and sizes, but there are a few basic rules to it. Your topic can be of either three words or three sentences long but it should clearly state what a reader will find in your dissertation. The topic shouldn’t be vague or carry a load of ambiguity along with it.

They say that never judge a book by its cover but the perception about judging it by its topic is not said. The topic should be valuable to your related field of study.

After deciding on the field of your dissertation, perform a Literature search – Find resources like books, journals and websites from where you can have an access to the data and then decide which area of your field will be provided with the most data.

Discuss your possible topics with your dissertation advisor to highlight you on how can it be made more realistic or practical.

Make your topic specific! Don’t select a broad topic as it will increase your research work and wouldn’t be much of an interest. E.g. “the mobile phones industry” – choosing this as a topic will no doubt give you enough data to write a 50,000 words dissertation but your dissertation would be a non-interesting crap about the industry. You should rather select an area of the industry and be more specific, like; “the mobile phones industry – the role of multimedia” this way you will have to focus on a particular segment of the industry making your dissertation interesting, precise and not a 50,000 words of crap about which company in the industry has the largest number of employees!

Base your topic on either or all of these three;

Feasibility – Decide which topic will be most feasible to complete in the given time limitation and your resources.

Interest – Evaluate yourself! When you study a specific field what area interests you the most? If you are interested, writing about it will make easy and tempting.

Convenience - Try to select a realistic field for dissertation, the more realistic the more clear your topic. The main reason for choosing a realistic and practical area is that it will open many doors to resources for getting the required data.

Selecting these steps as guidelines for deciding on your dissertation topic is likely to help you to get a prefect topic which will be interesting for you and your readers and will add great value to the field on study.

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