Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 steps to write an argumentative essay on social concerns

Have to write an argumentative essay on social concerns? Confused about how to start? Which topic to choose?

Social concern/science has a broad spectrum and selecting on one particular topic is a bit tricky. You should know the pro’s and cons of your topic to argue effectively.

Persuasion is the desired outcome of any argumentative essay which should start from the first line so why should an argumentative essay on social concerns be any different.

Follow these steps and let them guide you to select and write a firm argumentative essay on social concerns to get a minimum ‘A’ grade on your essay!

  1. Brainstorm and select a few topics that comes first to your mind when you think of ‘social concern’
  2. Write down the first 3 to 10 topics on a paper
  3. Now one by one think about each topic and gather points about the topic which you already know and write them against topic
  4. Now evaluate the topics on the basis of information you have about the same
  5. Choose the topic on which you have the most information
  6. Research on that topic and gather as much data as you can
  7. Design your essay in 5 paragraphs (recommended), an introduction, the body (3 para.) the conclusion
  8. The body should tell the general perception, your view point and your justification as to why you have chosen a side
  9. Give as much justification to prove your point, this will show the depth of your knowledge & research
  10. The conclusion should drive your reader to their own conclusion either they should agree or disagree with you.
Argumentative essay on social concerns should tell your views as well as provide information about the topic.
Social concern is a field on which people come to know about through different sources an argumentative essay on social concerns will source your readers to clear ambiguities or queries about a social-evil/good and draw their conclusions on your topic.

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