Friday, September 6, 2013

How to write a life/professional experience essay – 9 simple guidelines.

When you apply for admission to a college or university then you are required to write a life/professional experience essay and for that you need to know how to write a life/professional essay which GUARANTEES your admission.
You need to know how to write a life/professional essay which gets you a positive remark about your writing skills and guarantees your admission to the university you are applying to.
Stick to these guideline and they will tell you how to write a life/professional experience essay that will leave a strong impression on your readers;
  1. Decide on a topic which you can easily share and it has a significant affect on either your professional or personal life; avoid events related to your failures and incompetences.
  2. The topic should focus on how the event effected your life or your family’s.
  3. Note down points which could make your essay more firm and interesting and elaborate them
  4. Write in your style. Be as original as you are it will highlight your personality. Don’t copy any writer you admire or read. Keep in mind your aim, those positive remarks.
  5. If there is a given word limit follow it at any cost. If a limit is not specified then try to end your essay at 500 words
  6. Keep in your mind the target audience of your essay. You mostly be writing a life/professional essay for getting an admission and your target audience will be the officials of your university avoid slang and casual words and phrases.
  7. Grammar should be checked and re-checked for punctuation, structure and selection of words including the spellings
  8. Make the event you describing in your life/professional essay interesting. So that the reader can sketch the event in his mind and can refer it to his/her experience on the same.
  9. Proofread or ask a friend or instructor to read and ask for feedback and suggestions before submitting
Follow the above steps and you will get to know how to write a life/professional essay that will create a perfect impression on your audience and guarantee your admission. Try them and if you discover any new technique as to how to write a life/professional essay don’t forget to tell me.

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