Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Criteria & standards for essay writing

What are the criteria and standards for essay writing? Firstly you have to know the difference between the criteria and standards of essay writing.

Standards are set of rules established by an authority or organizations which are a MUST to follow. Every country, region or universities have different set standards for essay writings they may differ to largely or to some extent. First you have to know the standards which you have to follow. You can get to know about them from your instructor or from your college/university’s management or their code book. If your university has set a standard that your essay has to be a five paragraph essay then a 4 paragraph will not acceptable or graded at all.

As for criteria, it is a standard of judgment. It is a principle for evaluating things. It is a scale used by examiners to grade your essay writings.

Criteria and standards for essay writing which are used by an instructor for evaluating and grading are as follows;

  1. Your knowledge about the topic?
    Grading is done on; how you have recognized and understood the problem and how relevant it is and how have you used it in your essay. Poor good or excellent anyone of these will be a remark on your knowledge issue and will add up in your total grade.
  2. Quality of Analysis
    How did you analyze the given data on your topic? Was it deeply analyzed? Which sources were used? Claims made by you should backed on a strong data. Basically the overall quality of data analysis is checked n graded upon.
  3. Links
    Does your essay reveal other ways of knowing about your topic? It has to perfectly link your discussion with other ways of knowing and the different areas of knowledge on your topic
  4. Structure
    Apart from the standard prescribed by your university/college the essay must follow a structure. Introduction, body and the conclusion should be separated from each other. Clarity should be maintained essay should be concise and complete. Word fluency and word choice is checked. Your essay should be a logically and consistent development of argument leading to an effective conclusion.
  5. Examples
    Lastly, the examples provided in your essay should be relevant and create visual images in the mind of the reader of what you telling them about. Examples not only provide references but they tell about the writer that how much he/she understands the topic as he/she has related the problem with suitable examples.
Criteria and standards for essay writing are set forth by your management or instructor. Standards are a must to be followed and if you know the criteria then you can design your essay for the ‘excellent’ remarks and eventually getting an ‘A’ grade on your essay.

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