Monday, September 2, 2013

5 ways to identify an essay writing exemplar(s)

How to identify an essay writing exemplar which stands out? Firstly; what is an essay writing exemplar(s)? Examples which best describes an essay and which could be used an ideal essay(s) for consulting or assessing while writing your own essays is called an essay writing exemplar(s).

You will find as many as 10000 examples on essays on the topic you have chosen but how to identify an essay writing exemplar or an ideal, best of the best model essay on the same topic which should be consulted while writing your own essay and which will guarantee that ‘A’ grade you want?

Our main purpose is to take a few examples and assess them on a set criterion to come out with the best essay writing exemplar(s).

Phase one of your assessments; is to search the internet or your school’s database for prewritten essays and pore over and select a few which can be your ideal model essay.

Once chosen a few examples assess them on these 5 criterions.

  1. Knowledge
    An essay writing exemplar(s) must have an excellent knowledge about the problem/issue/topic present in its title. A clear idea and its understanding must be created by the writer so that his/her essay reflects his/her knowledge and command on the topic.
  2. Analysis
    The analysis or the homework on the topic must be of high value. It should tell the reader that you have written your essay based on a quality analysis. If your essay is an argumentative essay then is the argument based on relevant data etc.
  3. Reference
    Essays are structured in a way that a reader when reading could refer the topic with his/her life. How the writer has linked the topic to his/her audience? For that you have to provide references to your life/professional/observational experiences, assess your essay writing exemplar if the references provided are relevant and easily referred to by the reader.
  4. Structure
    An important part of your essay is the structure. The introduction, organization of the body of your essay, the grammar, word clarity etc. basically you have to check if your essay is according to the 7 C’s of English writing. Clarity, completeness, conciseness and so on.
  5. Example
    Appropriate and effective examples should be provided in an excellent essay writing exemplar. These could be either from the writers own life or searched from different sources. Examples back your knowledge and shows that how much the writer understands the topic.
Remember that you are the reader while searching for essay writing examples and you have to decide the best. You should consult the examples which according to you get a 10/10 on the 5 criterions mentioned above.

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