Thursday, August 1, 2013

Buy a College essay Vs. Write a college essay!

Almost every college and university in the US and UK now require an applicant to write an essay on the given topics or any topic of their choice. If applicants buy a college essay will he/she get out of the trouble of writing one?

What are the pro’s and cons of buying a college essay against writing a college essay? I have reviewed the resources to prepare a compare and contrast of the two best ways to submit your college essay effectively.

Buy a college essay vs. to write a college essay
  • Professional writers;
    - If you decide to buy a college essay your essay is written by a professional writer who is qualified, experienced and selected to write essays and papers only
    - While if you write yourself you may lack the exact writing skills required to do so as you are not a professional writer, hence build a chance of rejection of essay
  • Contents & format;
    - A writing service providing you any opportunity to buy a college essay also know exactly what a college looks for in an essay and how should it be written.
    - If you write one on your own you will most probably make a mistake while formatting or may misrepresent the contents or even miss out on some mentionable facts
  • Submission on time;
    - A writing service guarantees their delivery to be on time, some even deliver an essay in 24 hours of placement of the orders.
    - Well if you write one and you are short of time as the last date of submission is just a day or two away then it’s hard to write a compelling and perfect essay on time unless you are a professional writer.
One should be writing a college essay on their own but if you are not assure about your writing skills or you lack on time, or knowledge then it is recommended to buy a college essay because getting into your dream college is about to come true but one poor attempt of writing a bad essay can shatter it for good.

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