Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 Things you should know when buying an essay online!

When buying an essay online you basically put the fate of your grade in the hands of someone you don’t know nor see. Essays and writing assignments have began to take up a major part of your final grade and you don’t want to lose it. When buying an essay you want to make sure of 3 main things;
  • The price you are paying is worth what you are getting in return?
  • What the company is promising is true?
  • How can you be assured that the company taking the responsibility of writing your essay is not bogus?
- Once you decide on the service you are going to use while buying an essay you basically check for the different features of their product they are providing with the essay.
The basic features include;
  • Free formatting
  • Free supplementary pages
  • written essay
  • Qualified essay writers
  • Discounts
  • On time Delivery
  • Non-plagiarized essays
- The next is the verification of the above mentioned features. How is
the service proving the delivery of all the features as mentioned? Is the service backing its claims to provide all these with any guarantee, if so then what kind of a guarantee?
- The service you choose when buying essay should be fully verified and you can do so by asking for proof of the service company like;
  • Ask for a physical address – which should be mentioned on the website
  • Adding ‘Ltd.’ Or ‘Inc.’ with the name of a company doesn’t give any evidence of being real. Ask for proof of registration with the VAT or CIT or any other taxation of the country
  • The service should provide full contact information on their website including telephone & fax numbers, mailing address, owner’s info etc.
  • The telephone numbers given with contact information should be geographical landline number rather than UAN’s or 0808 or 0900 numbers. A geographical number will confirm the company’s presence in the mentioned territory.
The above mentioned points should be kept in mind and used when buying an essay online. Buying essays online means trusting a firm on the basis of, what they have to offer and how are they backing their products.
Verify a service on the above mentioned before buying an essay because there is chance that when you try to call a service the only thing you hear is the voice of an answering machine saying “the number you dialed does not exists”!

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