Monday, July 1, 2013

How to V.E.R.I.F.Y. a Research Paper Service!

With the growing trend and the market for writing services there has been a major input of players in the research paper services as well. Everybody claims to be better than the other but how verify the truth about their claims is getting harder as every firm is coming up with either a new or a better offer than the other!
Here are some points to verify any or every research paper service;
Value addition;
Every service offer research paper writing services but what does the paper is accompanied with also matter the same. Value additions which a research paper service should be offering are like, free revisions, and free delivery, free supplementary pages etc. these offers not only save money and also provide ways to enhance a service as well as a customer’s satisfaction.
Examination tools;
Though every research paper service will guarantee their products to be 100% free from plagiarism but the authenticity of their claim depends on the means used as examination tools. Check which software is being used by a service to examine a research paper for plagiarism.
How much reliable is the service? What is the past success rate of the research paper service? Are the writers qualified & professional? Does the service guarantee their results? Which kind of guarantee do they provide? Answers to these questions will tell you how reliable is the service, answers which you find on the website of the service or by asking your fellow colleagues if they have used a particular service.
Identity of the service;
Confirm the identity of your research paper service by confirming their contact information provided on their website. A regional telephone, physical address, customer support service, name of the service etc. will give you an authenticity on the identity of the service.
What is the least time of delivery a service is offering? Is the service able to deliver within 24 hours? Do they guarantee their delivery time as well?
Yet affordable;
Research paper services have now developed into a vast industry and there is an average price which prevails in the market. Don’t select a service offering high prices than the average nor select a very low priced service as neither of them can guarantee the quality of the paper just by offering a different price than the market.
Verifying a service on the basis of these would help you in selecting a service which really do guarantee their work and claims.

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