Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Custom Research Paper

If you have finally decided to buy a custom research paper from a source, an online custom research paper writing service than just before you click on the BUY NOW link you should make sure that you follow these essential Do’s & Don’ts;
  • Always ask for the custom research paper writer’s academic qualifications and experience. To stay away from getting a paper written by any ESL or a student writer
  • Always check the company’s authentication by asking for proof of physical existence, like a postal address or registration id.
  • Always compare prices between atleast 3 services before ordering to get an idea of the industry’s average price to avoid paying a higher fee.
  • Do ask for a plagiarism report along with your order to confirm that your research paper is free from plagiarism
  • Don’t buy from a service providing prices below the average price of the service. They may be providing low quality research papers
  • Don’t opt for a service that uses a 08 or a 09 numbers because you can never be sure about their location
  • Don’t use services which provide sample papers for viewing directly on their website. You never know once your order is delivered to you they may place your essay for future viewing hence creating a chance for you to get caught
  • Never compromise on two things, delivery time and plagiarism. If your paper is found to plagiarized or late on delivery the service should provide you with a total money back guarantee!
Understand these 8 points before you buy a custom research paper from any service as they will always keep you safe and away from being forged and eventually losing a grade just because you didn’t knew what to do while buying a custom research paper and what should be avoided.

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