Thursday, July 4, 2013

C.H.E.C.K. your essay writers’ authenticity!

If you have decided to buy an essay for your assignment from an essay writing service then you should make sure that they provide you with a qualified and professional essay writer.
You can always ask the service about their essay writers and can easily select the best by evaluating them on the basis of the following C.H.E.C.K.list;
  • Country of origin of the writers;
    The essay writers should be US or UK nationals and residents. Many firms claim that they are but originally they use ESL writers sitting in a totally different country and have a poor vocabulary.
  • How much are their writers qualified?Ask the service about the writer’s academics, what are their majors? Most service providers use students as essay writers who are not even capable of writing an essay and claim to have MBA’s or PhD’s writer’s. Confirm that the service you are using have professional and academically qualified essay writers.
  • Experience of the writer;
    Ask the service about their writers past experience in essay writings. Are their essays really as perfect as they have quoted? Do the writers have enough experience, knowledge and expertise in their field of study to write your essay?
  • Can they provide you with some sample past essays written by their writers?Ask the firm to provide you some sample essays written by the writer, who will be assigned to write your essay. You can go through them to evaluate the writers for their authenticity.
  • Keeping in continuous contact with your writer is done through?What will be the means of communication used by the customers to keep in constant contact? Will they be provided by a direct Email address of their respective writers or through telephone?
If your essay writer is himself a student and belonging to a country where English is used as a second language and he is unable to produce any past work which has surely received a good grade then maybe you are better off in writing your own essay rather than buying it from such a source.
Use these 5 points to evaluate the essay writers of any essay writing service and these will help you select the source for essay writing and will help you avoid buying essays written by non-qualified and unprofessional essay writers.

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