Saturday, July 6, 2013

Purchase essay – the only way to adequately accommodate an A grade on your Transcript?

As your assignment says that “you have to WRITE an essay” then how can be the option to purchase an essay be the only way to get an A grade on your assignment?

Well you have more options except for the option to purchase an essay and the first being is to write an essay completely by yourself. The others are taking help in writing, asking a friend to write it for you, ask someone to share the work with you or you can always Purchase essays online.

You can always ask for help from your senior students or colleagues or even your instructor to write an A grade essay. They will gladly help you with writing your essay.

You have a friend who recently wrote an essay and scored an A grade ask him to write one for you.
If not to write one for you then maybe help you by giving you tips, guidance or resources to perform research or by taking some burden of you by maybe writing the citations in a proper manner.

If you are short on time, not have any helping friend, lack confidence in your writing skills or language proficiency then you can always have the option to purchase essay preferably a custom written essay rather than a pre-written essay.

The option to purchase an essay has the lowest rate of risk involved, as observed, as they are written by professionals giving them an edge over the essays written by a student of being more correct and fulfilling all the requirement needed to get an A grade on the assignment.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

C.H.E.C.K. your essay writers’ authenticity!

If you have decided to buy an essay for your assignment from an essay writing service then you should make sure that they provide you with a qualified and professional essay writer.
You can always ask the service about their essay writers and can easily select the best by evaluating them on the basis of the following C.H.E.C.K.list;
  • Country of origin of the writers;
    The essay writers should be US or UK nationals and residents. Many firms claim that they are but originally they use ESL writers sitting in a totally different country and have a poor vocabulary.
  • How much are their writers qualified?Ask the service about the writer’s academics, what are their majors? Most service providers use students as essay writers who are not even capable of writing an essay and claim to have MBA’s or PhD’s writer’s. Confirm that the service you are using have professional and academically qualified essay writers.
  • Experience of the writer;
    Ask the service about their writers past experience in essay writings. Are their essays really as perfect as they have quoted? Do the writers have enough experience, knowledge and expertise in their field of study to write your essay?
  • Can they provide you with some sample past essays written by their writers?Ask the firm to provide you some sample essays written by the writer, who will be assigned to write your essay. You can go through them to evaluate the writers for their authenticity.
  • Keeping in continuous contact with your writer is done through?What will be the means of communication used by the customers to keep in constant contact? Will they be provided by a direct Email address of their respective writers or through telephone?
If your essay writer is himself a student and belonging to a country where English is used as a second language and he is unable to produce any past work which has surely received a good grade then maybe you are better off in writing your own essay rather than buying it from such a source.
Use these 5 points to evaluate the essay writers of any essay writing service and these will help you select the source for essay writing and will help you avoid buying essays written by non-qualified and unprofessional essay writers.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Buying essay the only kind of essay help which guarantees you an A grade!

If you have to write an essay for your final transcript and want to score that ‘A’ grade then you may need to take essay help on the process as well as fulfill the task.
Getting help on essay can be done through 2 3 ways.

  • Instructors
  • Seniors
  • Friends
All these forms or sources for essay help will do help you on writing an essay and maybe a get you a good grade too but neither of the three will be able to provide you with a guarantee that if you chose them you will definitely get an A!

On the other hand there are services that provide you with essay help by giving you a custom written essay, completely according to your specification and written by a professional writer.
You get your essay against a fee but that fee payment will not only give you a written and a complete essay but will also provide you with a guarantee that the essay you will get from them will definitely get you an A grade!

These services have emerged quite recently and have gained a lot of popularity and some criticism too, well popularity always has some criticism along with it, but this form of essay help has proven to be the most reliable when it comes to developing a quality essay and getting good grades.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Custom Research Paper

If you have finally decided to buy a custom research paper from a source, an online custom research paper writing service than just before you click on the BUY NOW link you should make sure that you follow these essential Do’s & Don’ts;
  • Always ask for the custom research paper writer’s academic qualifications and experience. To stay away from getting a paper written by any ESL or a student writer
  • Always check the company’s authentication by asking for proof of physical existence, like a postal address or registration id.
  • Always compare prices between atleast 3 services before ordering to get an idea of the industry’s average price to avoid paying a higher fee.
  • Do ask for a plagiarism report along with your order to confirm that your research paper is free from plagiarism
  • Don’t buy from a service providing prices below the average price of the service. They may be providing low quality research papers
  • Don’t opt for a service that uses a 08 or a 09 numbers because you can never be sure about their location
  • Don’t use services which provide sample papers for viewing directly on their website. You never know once your order is delivered to you they may place your essay for future viewing hence creating a chance for you to get caught
  • Never compromise on two things, delivery time and plagiarism. If your paper is found to plagiarized or late on delivery the service should provide you with a total money back guarantee!
Understand these 8 points before you buy a custom research paper from any service as they will always keep you safe and away from being forged and eventually losing a grade just because you didn’t knew what to do while buying a custom research paper and what should be avoided.

Monday, July 1, 2013

How to V.E.R.I.F.Y. a Research Paper Service!

With the growing trend and the market for writing services there has been a major input of players in the research paper services as well. Everybody claims to be better than the other but how verify the truth about their claims is getting harder as every firm is coming up with either a new or a better offer than the other!
Here are some points to verify any or every research paper service;
Value addition;
Every service offer research paper writing services but what does the paper is accompanied with also matter the same. Value additions which a research paper service should be offering are like, free revisions, and free delivery, free supplementary pages etc. these offers not only save money and also provide ways to enhance a service as well as a customer’s satisfaction.
Examination tools;
Though every research paper service will guarantee their products to be 100% free from plagiarism but the authenticity of their claim depends on the means used as examination tools. Check which software is being used by a service to examine a research paper for plagiarism.
How much reliable is the service? What is the past success rate of the research paper service? Are the writers qualified & professional? Does the service guarantee their results? Which kind of guarantee do they provide? Answers to these questions will tell you how reliable is the service, answers which you find on the website of the service or by asking your fellow colleagues if they have used a particular service.
Identity of the service;
Confirm the identity of your research paper service by confirming their contact information provided on their website. A regional telephone, physical address, customer support service, name of the service etc. will give you an authenticity on the identity of the service.
What is the least time of delivery a service is offering? Is the service able to deliver within 24 hours? Do they guarantee their delivery time as well?
Yet affordable;
Research paper services have now developed into a vast industry and there is an average price which prevails in the market. Don’t select a service offering high prices than the average nor select a very low priced service as neither of them can guarantee the quality of the paper just by offering a different price than the market.
Verifying a service on the basis of these would help you in selecting a service which really do guarantee their work and claims.