Tuesday, June 4, 2013


If you are in the phase of deciding a topic for your computer science dissertation you shouldn’t have any second thoughts of selecting a gaming computer science dissertation topic, because it’s a topic that projects a person’s in-depth views by staying in the modern era.

In the gaming computer science dissertations you have to talk about online gaming in depth, because there have been so many games which pushed the gamers to the edge of their seats like; Call of Duty 4, Civilization, Street Fighter II, Resident Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog and Grand Theft Auto, these have been and still are the top games in the gaming world. These games are being played on different consoles such as; P.C, Nintendo 64 & Super Nintendo, Dream-cast, Sega, Game Boy, Play-station, X Box etc.

While there are many advantages of gaming there are some disadvantages of this activity as well. When at one hand gaming provides the player a very nice physical and mental work out, at the other hand there are many violent games which make a real bad impact on the minor players, Despite of the fact that the game developing company sets an age restriction for each game according to its content, It doesn’t reduce the bad effect on the player.

Hence, Gaming computer science dissertation is undoubtedly a great subject to write on because it covers a wide range of scientific facts and figures staying within the area of video games.

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