Sunday, May 5, 2013

Qualitative Research Dissertation – An Ideology

Designing qualitative research dissertation is not easy as it looks. It demands a thorough understanding of naturalistic human behaviors from your side. Following topics can help you a lot in your qualitative research dissertation.

What is Research? Research is a scientific method of study to enhance knowledge among community.

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

In a qualitative dissertation, you should compare qualitative and quantitative research methods by posting comments such as:

• Qualitative research flexibly deals with International Public Health Problems with an open-ended inquiry while quantitative research can’t handle those.

• Qualitative research mainly incorporates inside view on basis of textual while quantitative focuses on outside view with numerical data.

Sampling Methods

3 sampling techniques must be mentioned in your qualitative research dissertation. They are:

1. Purposive Sampling: Purpose-oriented research of a particular sample.

2. Quota Sampling: Divisional research of a sample.

3. Snowball Sampling: Researching anonymous people.

Ethical Guidelines

Researcher gives an utmost important to 3 attributes associated to community while researching. They are:

1. Autonomy

2. Beneficence

3. Justice

Qualitative Research Techniques

Qualitative research techniques are:

1. Participants Observation: (Natural Behavior Analysis)

2. Deep Interviews: (Interviews with people having busy lifestyles)

3. Focus Groups: (Open-session Interviews)

Merits of Qualitative Research

Merits of qualitative research are:

• Share frank views.

• No anticipation.

• Self-explanatory.

Conclusion: I’m sure preceding topics will help you a lot to develop a qualitative research dissertation with quality in it.

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