Monday, April 1, 2013

Linguistics Dissertation - One & Only Answer to Language Enigma

You can start your linguistics dissertation in style by listing out the following questions in beginning of your Language Dissertation:

1. What’s the origin of language?
2. Why are some languages still unclassified?
3. Why some languages posses undeciphered writing systems?

The field of study i.e. being in search for finding answers to preceding questions is linguistics. Following linguistics dissertations topics can justify this point:

Aim: Linguistics directs the researcher to sort out languages in technical manner.
Standard: It’s better to mention the recent modularized model for languages in your Linguistics Dissertation. Generative theory by Generations school has become a standard Linguistics model.

Subdivisions: 3 sub-divisions of linguistics should be mentioned in your Linguistic Dissertations as each of these is in process to solve an unsolved riddle regarding linguistics. Let’s see how?

1. Evolutionary Linguistics: In search of language origin.
2. Historical Linguistics: In search o f solutions to decipher undeciphered writing systems.
3. Socio Linguistics: Is in search to affiliate unclassified languages.

Structure: It’s a great idea to include linguistics structure in your Linguistics Dissertation. Structure of linguistics is a composition of symbols, signs, directional movements and sound patterns. Some linguistics structures Alchemy, Cross, Fire, Thunder, Gesture, Pikap-pika, Proto-Quechua.

Divisional Fields of Linguistics Structural Divisions

Some linguistics structural areas can give Language dissertations a new outlook. They are:

Discourse Analysis: Language Analysis.
Morphology: Words Analysis.
Phonetics: Sound Analysis
Phonology: Deciphering Analysis.
Semantics: Idea Analysis.
Syntax: Rules Analysis.

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