Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A day in your everyday life is a mixture of family life, work, sports etc. You have to do everything keeping a balance in your life. Dissertation chapters are also like your life. You have to concentrate on each of them but keeping a balance between all the dissertation chapters. You have to work separately on all dissertation chapters because every chapter of dissertation is important.

Dissertation introduction chapter should be no longer than 200 words or 2 pages. It should only talk about the things which are actually included in the dissertation.

Dissertation methodology chapter is the backbone of your dissertation chapter. You have to choose the right methodology for your research. The methodology chapter in dissertation is the backbone of dissertation so it has to be very detailed.

Dissertation conclusion chapter is the chapter which completes your dissertation. Among all dissertation chapters this will give your dissertation the sense of completion.

The above presented outline will help you better constitute your dissertation chapters.

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