Sunday, February 3, 2013

Writing A Good Dissertation Should Not Be A Problem Anymore!

Most of the student feels quite spooky about writing a dissertation as it is considered to be longest writing assignment in a person’s life. Student who are writing the dissertation for the first time in their life, they usually get so confused and bewildered in attempting it for the first time, for this purpose, they start searching over the internet to find useful guideline on writing a good dissertation. This is the sole reason why we have decided to give you handful information on writing a dissertation for the first time.

Keep in mind the format of writing the dissertation:

While writing the dissertation, a student should stick to the writing standards of it so, most of the time, the standard format is given to them by the university or college they are studying but if incase, they haven’t then it is better that you ask your supervisor about it.

Make sure you stick to the rules of citations:

There are any ways of citing the resources, such as; APA, MLA, Harvard, oxford etc. So a word of advice here is that you ask about this to your supervisor who will guide you about the rules of citing. If you ever ignore citing the sources properly than your dissertation would fall under the category of plagiarism.

Which methodology would be used in the dissertation:

You should have a thorough knowledge about writing a good dissertation and the methodologies that would be utilized in it, there are many methodologies that are used in the dissertations, and some of them are quantitative method, qualitative method and compare and contrast method of investigation.

Ask your instructor if you have any further queries:

Why not ask your instructor if there are questions rising in your mind, this is also one of the secrets of writing a good dissertation.

Note down any important information you find:

Quality notes are the key to successful dissertation writing, whenever you find some useful information that can be incorporated in your dissertation, immediately note it down somewhere so that you can get back to it when actually writing the dissertation.

Edit your work before submitting:

You need to understand this fact that you cannot just write a dissertation sand sit on your hands. You need to revise, edit and proof read it again and again.

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