Friday, February 1, 2013

How To Do A Literature Review

Doing a literature review sometimes becomes s daunting for a student because each and every student doesn’t have those skills and abilities to effectively come up with a critical literature review. Hence, the following informational text will provide a brief guideline on how to do a literature review. Remember, that a literature review can be conducted on any type of subject and you don’t have to conduct a new research to come up with something out of the blue.

The basic objective of doing a literature review is to inform the readers of the current information about the subject and creates the ground for further future research work. The critical literature review is characterized by unique ideas with up to date information with pertinent references and appropriate referencing style, good use of terminologies and an unbiased attitude towards the previous research work.
In order to come up with a good literature review, you need to find an already written literature on a subject of your choice. Choose any novel, book, essays and collect all the research work done on the particular subject. You can also consult libraries and internet to get the latest information about the topic you have selected.
You need to have thorough knowledge before writing a literature review about a particular topic; you can also create an outline that will help you write a good piece of writing. Note down all the chapters in the outline to keep you under the boundaries. Make sure your literature review begins with a thesis statement, then introductory paragraphs, body that can further divided into sub-bodies and lastly, the conclusion of the review.
To put it simply, a literature review is a summary of the existing and previously done research work on a particular subject followed by the critical comments on the subject. This gives you the chance of writing your point of view about that subject and giving the further recommendations for the future research work. You can also consult and point out the other literature review to prove your stance in it. Therefore, the preceding information on how to do a literature review has surely helped you in doing a literature review in no time.

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